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It is highly recommended to print out these instructions as a reference during the installation process.

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Macintosh Operating System: Mac OS X version USB port Notes: This software is not supported by the following environments: Operating Systems other than those listed above. An environment that is an upgrade of the original manufacturer-installed operating system. Multi-boot environment. Multi-monitor environment. Download and Installation Instructions To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs.

Carefully follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation. At the "Complete" window, click Restart to restart the computer. After the computer restarts, the installation is complete. If Version 2. It then asks you to "Click the Install button", do this. When RealOne player completes the download and installation, click "OK" to restart it.

Sony MiniDisc recorder to feature Mac support

In the AutoUpdate window, click Devices. Ships with portables MZ-NE, OpenMG Jukebox 2.

This is the primary tool Sony provides with their NetMD equipment. Also supplied with Sony's solid-state music players MemoryStick and Network Walkman , it allows downloading of compressed audio to the NetMD unit, as well as titling and track renumbering. OpenMG Jukebox supports the SDMI concept of track "check-out", wherein at most 3 copies can be downloaded to Minidisc before a "check-in" is required the check-in operation deletes the downloaded audio track from the Minidisc. Unfortunately, Simple Burner does not support SP mode downloads.

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Beat Jam JustSystem Inc. In development; currently allows track titling and renumbering via shell commands. Windows GUI and command line based versions available. Xmd v0. In development, currently only playback and titling functions are present. You could play AIFF or WAV on an iPod I have a 20 second WAV on mine , but the 30 minute buffer memory is a lot shorter with uncompressed media, and at the least it would mean less battery life, if not more wear and tear on the hard drive.

My NetMD holds about 70 songs. I'm no audiophile so I can't tell the difference in sound quality at all. Plus it costed me less than bucks. I'd take this over an expensive IPod any day. Don't understand Score: If your iPod dies after two hours then you need a new battery. After constant playing on an 8 hour drive, I've still got a bar or two left.

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I have an iPod and a MD. I bought the MD for one reason and that is recording. I can record a live concert and get fantastic sound and I use it for recording my own stuff and stuff from my guitar lessons.

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I bought one for my girlfriend who is a photographer to record interviews with to then use in Flash multimedia story presentations. It is fantastic for recording. Xmd Score: First off, fitting 3 or more hours of audio has nothing to do with NetMD, this is the so-called Long Play mode LP2 fits twice as much audio, and LP4 fits four times as much. Of course you have to accept a less than perfect sound fidelity for the higher compression rate.

That last word of yours sounds dirty but I have no clue what it means. Unfortunately titling is not very kinky. But Xmd can help you title the tracks on your MD and the MD itself , which is much easier to do on a computer than on the MD device itself. NetMD uploading for Mac I've been looking, and I can't find anything either.. Sorry man. I'm sure somebody's working on a SonicStage hack for Mac users, but nothing concrete yet. Oh well. Good luck with that, and enjoy your new toy. Lemme get this straight You have a nice Apple Powerbook, and an unsupported MiniDisc player, and you want to transfer highly compressed 3-subband audio over USB?

If I may suggest a two step solution: Ebay 2. It looks like you're in for about a hundred bucks for an eBay upgrade. I have an MD Sharp, 24bit ATRAC that I use instead of a portable DAT, because for field recording no, really, recording ambience in a quiet field , interviews, and non-synch video sound it sounds excellent when coupled with a good mic.

While I drool over the possibilities of an iPod with an attachment providing mic and line inputs along with a low-or-no compression method of recording to the HD, it seems a long way off.

Sony MDH-10 - The Portable MD Data Drive

For flexibility, you can't beat an MD in that respect, despite the nasty nasty copy p. What would really be great is if it took regular MP3 files, and stored a lot of them, like maybe GB worth. That would be sweet. Maybe someday somebody will step up to the plate and fill this need.

NetMD Topics

Would virtualpc work? I have no idea, I don't own a mac. But I think it might. Eventually libnetmd [sourceforge. That would be your best bet. It is very unstable, clunky, and limited. Virtual PC on a 12" PB is average to say the least. Short answer is, no. At least thats the case with a 12" PB.

Can anyone confirm if its the same. Wholeheartedly agreed. I hated using it so much, i returned my Sony "mp3" player to Circuit City which wasn't easy, mind you; but the morons at that store are a whole other topic For what it's worth I'm a recent convert.

I got to Mac just because I hate windoze, love Linux, but hate even more how I kept blowing up my desktop box or wasting away entire weekends everytime I went in pursuit of the next shiny trinket that wasn't rolled into whatever the distro D'jour was. Needless to say, enter OS X. So, yes, I too have an MD. Personaly, I think it's pretty.

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I just purchased an Sony D-NF [electronics-online. Been there

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