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If you do not see your product on this list, it has not been qualified for use with the new operating systems and we recommend refraining from updating your computer until complete compatibility can be confirmed.

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This list will be kept updated as necessary to reflect all current support for macOS Mojave After installing the driver, the following pop-up will appear to report that the driver extension has been blocked:. Under the General tab, look for the "System software from developer " driver developer " was blocked from loading. Click Allow. Follow the prompts to restart the computer if necessary and the device will be recognized normally on startup.


Both operating systems work beautifully with the M-Track, you just need to install the driver first for Windows to recognize the interface. Turning the knob to the left USB increases the level of the signal from your computer while turning the knob to the right Direct allows you to hear more of what you have plugged into the inputs of your M-Track.

If you're not recording and are just listening back in your music software, you may be inclined to turn this knob all the way to the left so you're only hearing your computer - DON'T! The M-Track 2X2 and 2X2M were designed to give you a strong and clear signal from your computer and turning this knob all the way to the left may overdrive the signal and cause distortion. ONE features a built-in studio quality condensor microphone that makes it easy to quickly capture song ideas, vocals, podcasts and interviews. With the included mic clip you can position ONE perfectly on your microphone stand to capture any sound.

Audio professionals and artists have chosen Apogee and Waves products to make countless hit recordings. These offers can be applied to any special deals from Waves, giving you the ability to save up to thousands of dollars.

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Apogee and Waves provide industry standard tools for recording, mixing and mastering audio and offer everything you need to complete your project on Mac, no matter what recording software you use. Waves plugins are incredibly CPU efficient, allowing you to harness the power of your Mac to run more plugins at lower buffer sizes while still maintaining low latency monitoring through your Apogee audio interface. With an open native platform and recording software like Logic Pro X, you are free to expand your studio capabilities by adding more plugins from any manufacturer.

This Voucher may not be combined with multiple plugin discounts. Vouchers can only be used for one order and do not carry a remaining balance. Multiple vouchers may not be combined. While USB 3. Maestro features a single window interface with quick access to all device and system settings.

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Select your input type, enable Soft Limit on mic and instrument inputs, and use the mixer for low latency monitoring. Maestro lets you easily configure your Apogee interface to fit your workflow.

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If you are using an Apogee interface, you can adjust hardware input parameters directly from the Mixer view in Logic Pro X, including mic pre gain, input type selection, 48V phantom power and more. This simplified user experience helps you focus on a single session window when recording, and offers comprehensive visibility and control of input parameters.

Apogee hardware input controls are also accessible through the Logic Remote App on iPhone or iPad, enabling Apogee users to wirelessly adjust their input levels and settings from anywhere in the studio. Drummers can adjust mic pres without having to get up from behind the kit, engineers can do a line check while still setting up mics, and home musicians recording themselves can switch between a microphone and directly connected instrument without having to be in front of their computers.

We're constantly writing new material on tour and finding an interface that is not only compact but also durable AND delivers a great sound can be quite difficult.


The Apogee ONE is the perfect solution. Plus the control knob is pretty handy! The fact that it's so compact is an added bonus for the touring lifestyle - I would have brought this puppy in a rack unit if that's what it took!

Having the option of the internal or external Mic makes it a truly portable device.

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