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Software Guides Top 50 Downloads. Also is there a program like Yahoo messenger that will let me send SMS messages to friends? This is a screen shot of what my player looks like. I should also tell you that others have tried to help me and no luck. I have a post under general help.

DVD Problems. So check that out if it will help. For the sms try kopete pic attached. You could right click on it and select play in vlc player at least I could but it's still like it's not even downloading so perhaps it's a server problem there. The videos on that site works fine with gecko media player a browser plugin that uses gnome mplayer and mplayer. To install it, remove any browser media player plugin you currently have installed totem-mozilla is installed by default, but you may have installed mozilla-mplayer or mozilla-plugin-vlc : sudo apt-get remove totem-mozilla mozilla-mplayer mozilla-plugin-vlc Install gecko media player: sudo apt-get install gecko-mediaplayer Then restart firefox and try it out.

How to Download Videos From Veoh for Dummies**

I had already removed mplayer and installed gecko but apparently there was some plugin left causing a conflict so using the remove part of your instructions did the trick. Now pause works like it should and the downloading to cache can be seen.

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Thanks Looks like the OP has logged off so it may be a while before we find out if it works for them. It's getting better. I can pause it now. I still can't rewind with the slide bar. I'm just downloading the ones I want to watch from there and I'll play them in vlc when their done. Since it's streaming I doubt you can go back like you want to.

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Just a minute I'll post how to download the movie. A box will open go down to the bottom and find the one that is a. Right click and select Invert Selection Move your mouse to the others that are now selected and right click Choose Uncheck selected items Right under the window you can choose where to download it to. Then you can click on Start to start downloading it. That helps, but it's not a fix.

I don't really want to fill up my disk.

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I would rather have it just download the part file and write over it every time I watch a new video. So how is that done. That is what the Divx web player does on widows. I need a player that will do that. That way I just delete it after watching it and poof it's gone.

3 Ways to Download Veoh Video on Mac (Mountain Lion)

I don't know how to fix the player so you can rewind. I tried Opera and Epiphany browsers but it wasn't any better. Couldn't rewind. I seems to me it would be a simple fix. There has to be somebody out there who knows what to do.

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  • I only have a 20gig drive. So I have very little room to work with on this computer. Okay here is the deal.

    I am having trouble with Divx movies. I watch videos on www. However, I've had trouble with the videos, they stop and start over as soon as he buffer runs out. Also, I can't rewind videos. Can anyone help? I'm new to Ubuntu, I need help. Did you: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras? That's all up to date. I'm trying to get it so I can pause the video and let it load. Like the divx player for windows will do. I think that one just writes the AVI. Is there a player for Ubuntu that can do that?

    A Last Resort for Capturing Online Videos

    Here is what's up. I watch videos at www. When I do this, the videos sometimes stop and start over when the buffer runs out. This really sucks!! It always does it like half or two thirds of the way into it. I can't even pause and let it load. Also, I am not able to rewind or skip ahead. I have used the Divx player for Windows before. That program makes a part file on the drive with the streaming video.

    Then it reads from the part file. So I am able to skip ahead and rewind with that program. So is there a player for Ubuntu that can do that? Oh, and my browser has been crashing a lot too. I don't know if one has anything to do with the other, but I thought I would throw that out there for you guys too. Why not try vlc? One of the better players I would say some might tell you mplayer is better and they might be right but vlc's pretty good as well. Just install it through synaptic. I have problems with Divx files. I like to watch videos at stagevu.

    VeohTV pour Mac - Télécharger

    These videos are Divx, or AVI files that stream. When I was using Windows I had Divx web player. So I'm used to that one. So anyway, when I watch a divx video I can't rewind or skip ahead. Not only that, but when the buffer runs out the video will start over. This sucks when the video is long.

    Then it would read from that file. I'm pretty sure that is why I was able to rewind and skip ahead with that program. So do any of you people know what program I need so I am able to watch my videos without these problems?

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