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I had some trouble getting this one set up but the support people were terrific!

Manage Money On A Mac With A Checkbook

They were exceptionally patient and understanding and got me through it quickly and with some degree of ease. People more computer literate than I and that's just about everyone! The program was not at all difficult to set up and use once I got the hang of it. It more than meets my needs. I can certainly recomend it for ease of use and tech. This app is my basic checkbook and credit card tracker, replacing the feature-rich, but aged Budget. Checkbook's functionality is above average, and the reconciling routine is a great virtue — well done on that!

Checkbook accomplishes the basics but lacks simple things I need, such as ability to drag and drop a mis-entered item from one account to another. General interface is polished only to a basic level. For example, all data is on one line like a plain spreadsheet, but two lines per entry might be easier to read. When tabbing through an entry, the tabbing skips by a drop-down menu it would be so much smoother to tab to the menu and use arrows, etc.

My least favorite trait of Checkbook is that your most recent item is colored very strangely in white text, boldface, with black shadow on a gray background. For me, that is hard to read and disjointed in appearance.

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Default as you wish, but please give users the option to customize the recently entered item. Kudos for allowing different shades of color for credit or debit items.

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Overall, Checkbook beats competing app Savings for functionality, especially reconciling, but falls short of the outstanding Savings interface. At the present, I am sticking with Checkbook and hoping it will grow into a great mix of strong functionality and interface excellence. Hello there, and thank you for taking the time to reach out! We can help you set your Mac to tab to those menu buttons and also show you how to move Entries between Accounts, and then go over the other items you're interested in.

To tab between just about everything, not just fields, you'll want to turn on your Mac's Full Keyboard Access feature. Go to the Apple menu at the top left corner of your screen, click the System Preferences Unlike its big brother, CheckBook Pro, CheckBook isn't set up to allow drag and drop - but it does know how to copy and paste. So if you create an Entry and want to move it to another Account, you can use the Edit menu to copy it, go to the desired Account and paste it, then return to the original Account and remove it.

The selected Entry coloring issue you mentioned should only come up when the list of Entries isn't in "focus" - when you've clicked away from it on the list of Accounts, for example. When you directly click an Entry and continue to move about the list your selecdtion should be highlighted with your Mac's selection coloring, though it's possible that's been set to a light enough grey on your Mac that it's a touch uncomfortable to read. We're looking at treating the list of Accounts, in particular, as something that doesn't remove focus from the list of Entries, so the coloring doesn't change the way you've noticed.

That'd minimize the times you find the selected Entry highlighted in grey, as well. Exploring ways to display more than a single line per Entry while still providing the same level of "findability" as a straight table layout is also on our to-do list.

Savings 2 - The missing personal finance app for your Mac.

We hope we've helped and that you keep in touch at support splasm. Thanks again for the gift of your feedback! I am satisfied with it.

For one, I never could figure out how to get transactions between accounts to show up automatically e. You can also manually input transactions, reconcile them, add scheduled deposits and debits, and create a graphic overview of your accounts. The app supports working with multiple accounts and allows you to track where the money comes from for each transaction.

Once you install CheckBook Pro, you can open it from the Launchpad. Begin by naming your account and importing the information or entering a beginning balance. New transactions are easy to add using the buttons at the top of the page. Move between different views with the buttons below the ledger. The summary tab lets you view various reports, including your expenses, income, and tax-deductible items over various time periods. There are multiple tutorials available from the Help menu to introduce you to the wide range of features this app offers, although they don't pop up automatically when you open the app for the first time.


Password protection for each account is available but not mandatory. While this app is comparable to various other money-tracking programs available, it does operate smoothly and offer a streamlined interface. Easy to use Community Forum with quick responses from Splasm support Built in reports that can be easily duplicated and modified. I wish there was a Windows version so I could sync with others not using a Mac.

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That might be asking a lot. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. I've spent hours looking at virtually all the personal finance programs available for the Mac and I've decided to migrate fully to Checkbook Pro. I still really like Quicken--despite it's flaws and non-development--but have been wanting to move away from it due to lack of any real support and continued development from Intuit. CBpro is simple to use, it's interface is really very nice and doesn't get bogged down with a lot of snazzy bells and whistles like a lot of the others have.

Right now, CBP is not iPhone ready, but the developers are devoting a great amount of time putting this in place. They are also looking at adding direct connection to financial institutions.. These are not major problems for me right now, as I am willing to wait for their final results in these two areas.

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Overview Review User Reviews Specs. Publisher's Description. From Splasm Software: When you need more than a basic check register and reporting tool, try on CheckBook Pro, featuring everything in CheckBook, our powerfully simple personal finance manager, and then some.

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