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Mac Studio Finish Concealer Review

Apr 20, Margaret L. Feb 05, Angel F. Sep 17, Flash forward to now: I have tried many a foundation in my day and have admittedly forgotten about the Studio Fix Fluid after emptying it, so I find myself pleasantly surprised about Ole Reliable. Maine is NC35, which is actually the most popular shade for Filipinas! Maine loves the foundations and have been using them throughout her successful career as an actress.

We know brands like Fenty exist, but there are no physical stores for you to be able to test and find your correct shade. This liquid foundation is hella reliable! People are intimidated by its coverage but it is so that it lasts you a full day. Set with loose powder, it can last my normal to oily t-zone skin for a minimum of eight hours.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation Review, Swatches

This is what they mean when they talk about investment pieces. For sheer coverage, mix with 4 parts MAC strobe cream, or one to two drops of face oil meaning strobe cream to Studio Fix Fluid.

For medium coverage, strobe cream to Studio Fix Fluid. It works with hydrating primers as well as pore blurring primers. You can also layer the product for more coverage without it becoming fussy, although using a setting spray after is a must to keep a smooth finish.

It works great with liquid products, like highlighters, blushes, and contours. Powder products layer well, too. But to answer your question; when I tried using MAC powder alone without the foundation application, I could feel some sense of incompleteness. It did last for me for more than 7 hours , however after a busy day when I checked on my face there were no cakey layers as such but could feel that some places looked pretty dry and I felt that lack of hydration in my face. This is obviously a dry powder and it is serves its purpose completely but according to me to see the fabulous effects of MAC Studio Fix I strongly suggest you all to use it post a liquid foundation.

Again I am not against powder foundations but I have always experienced that liquid foundation does the best to keep the powder intact for hours without drying up. We are already aware of how the MAC products are priced and no wonder that Studio FixPowder is also another highly priced possession of mine.

Usage Tip — When you go for powder based foundation, it is always good to use a concealer first in the specific areas intended to reduce marks, acne or dark circles followed by the powder based foundation application. This is vice versa when it comes to liquid foundation. You need to apply liquid foundation first and then the concealer.

Be it a fashion week or a studio shoot, it will always take a special place for quick fixes and matte-coverage on different kinds of skin tones. With its smooth texture it easily blends into your skin and gives you a full-matte finish thereby allowing your skin to breathe pretty good. I personally find that it would be much useful for people with oily skin My friend who has got an oily skin tried it and it worked good for her.


It works best after liquid foundation application and stays intact for many hours. Seek the MUAs for helping you with the right shade which is vital in using a powder plus foundation product. Very well explained!

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However I have a doubt. Thank you so much Preeti :D Always while choosing your products for base make-up, be it foundation or compact, make sure that it is exactly the same color as your skin. Take your pocket mirror and move outside for a while and do check the shade under natural light. Also I get the question what you asked, although you stay hrs inside it might look perfect at that point of time, but definitely you are going to take a peek outside in natural light for a walk or snacks or lunch or anything.

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So at that time it might totally look different on you and all eyes will be on you because wrong choice of foundations are easily visible. In this case if you look for a right foundation in natural light your face might not look different and it will perfectly fit your needs.

But it always better to go for the latter, to avoid Faux Pas under natural light :D I hope I have answered to your question :D. I love the transformation.. Gowthami recently posted… Bridal Archives Vol.

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  • This space is becoming dangerous for my pocket!! I want to stay away from MAC products, but these constant raves are now drawing me in. I too use this foundation and my shade is C6, what is the difference between NC and C? Why is that everybody says I am Nc this or that? All these denote the skin tones.

    mac studio fix nc25 swatch Mac studio fix nc25 swatch
    mac studio fix nc25 swatch Mac studio fix nc25 swatch
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    mac studio fix nc25 swatch Mac studio fix nc25 swatch
    mac studio fix nc25 swatch Mac studio fix nc25 swatch

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