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Recommendations for the best to-do app in the Apple ecosystem. Follow Share. Your recommendation. Join to share. Taskade 1. View Product. John Xie Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Plus much more!

John Xie made this product. Taskade is designed for Mac and iOS, and syncs in real-time across all devices and team members. Todoist Organize your life. There is not a better app that is all platform friendly. Easy to use, simple UI, loaded with features. I totally agree with John, especially if you need a Google Calendar integration. Alex P. Yes, I like it too! It is very simple to use and stay focused. Things 3. Offline first, native first, seamless sync, efficient UX. I've been using it for many, many years.

If I'm not mistaken Things is the first app to introduce the dynamic 'today' list, which many have copied. It's stitched natively to every platform and every detail and pixel has been handled with care. It's got a high price point, especially across multiple platforms, but it's so elegant and pleasant to use — I dropped Wunderlist in favor of Things though I do miss commenting and attachments. I switched from Clear to Things this year. It's an extremely well designed app that oozes beauty, but also treads a very careful line between simplicity and advanced functionality.

So far, it does everything I need, and just enough more that I will not hit any restraints for the foreseeable future. The calendar integration is hugely helpful for being the one place I check to map out my day every morning.

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View more recommendations. Wunderlist Capture ideas, things to do and places to see View Product.

Designed for Mac, works everywhere

Wunderlist was my go-to to-do app for a long time. But it really depends on what you're going to use it for. If it's for a small company, this is a great app. From Microsoft.. TickTick View Product. Same UI, just different colors. Tried almost all the rest and ended up settling on this, and after 6 months, still glad I did! Great app. It's like a better version of Wunderlist. If you Like the side panel and simplicity of Wunderlist, you'll love this.

It's that but better. I've tried many.

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  • 2. Things 3!

Google Tasks is available on iOS and Android. If you use Gmail on the web, you can see an overview of your Tasks on the right edge, next to the Calendar and Google Keep apps. If you want a dedicated to-do list app, then Todoist is worth checking out. You can sign-up with your Facebook profile or Google account, and getting started is as simple as typing your first task in and hitting submit. Setting up new tasks is just as easy — type your task and hit enter. You can also set a deadline for the work to be completed by, and assign a priority to the task, as well as assigning it to a group of similar tasks.

Android iOS. Another to-do list that comes with a ton of other options, Evernote is perhaps the go-to app for note-taking. Like Google Keep, it supports multiple methods of taking notes and reminders, including voice memos, full lists, and photos. Evernote takes this a step further, though, with the ability to add video and attach Word documents or PDFs to your lists. Like Google Keep, any time you add something to Evernote, it will sync across all of your devices, but unlike Keep, there is an option for offline access to your files — but only if you pay for the Premium version.


But those obviously come with a whole raft of extra options , like offline access, extra storage, and the ability to add password-support to lock down your notebooks. It has many of the same options that make Todoist great, with an easy method of setting up new tasks, simple collaboration between users, and the ability to assign tasks to specific groups. But where Todoist restricts many of its features to premium users, Wunderlist is a lot more generous with providing access, so free users can access time-based reminders, assign colleagues to tasks, and leave comments. Wunderlist has done away with its premium option, meaning that all of the features are now available for free.

Wunderlist | To-do list, Reminders, Errands - App of the Year!

Organizational tools rarely exist in a vacuum. Where Microsoft To-Do differs is with an emphasis on My Day — namely, the idea that you start each day with a clean slate and take a moment at the start of each day to write down what you really want to get achieved that day.

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It even has a smart suggestion tool built in that will suggest tasks for you based on your previous record. If you prefer to keep your notes and to-do list together, Bear may be the perfect app for you. You can also group lists and notes by hashtags, making it easy to find all your tasks.

Thankfully, the lighthearted approach we mentioned helps to take some of the edge off the central premise. You can attach voice notes to tasks as well, set location-based reminders, and customizable celebrations that play whenever you complete a task.

The essential to-do list app for Mac lovers.

Well, Habitica uses a gaming RPG-style to motivate you to complete your daily tasks. Complete tasks and your character gains experience and gold that can be spent on making them more powerful. Fail to complete your daily tasks, and your avatar will take damage! So what are you waiting for? Get leveling and grind that dishwashing!

It does, however, lack the organization features that come standard with many other to-do apps.

Things for Mac - features, pricing and thoughts

If you just need an app that will let you make lists and check things off, then WorkFlowy is an excellent solution. Dynalist is in many ways similar to WorkFlowy, except that it includes many of the standard to-do app features due dates, recurring tasks, calendar integration that WorkFlowy lacks. If you like the WorkFlowy interface but need a bit more organization, then Dynalist is a great choice. ClickUp is a great app to use if you like being able to visualize tasks and projects in a lot of different ways.

The developers took extra care to build an app that mirrors GTD, though the resulting app has a pretty steep learning curve.

things to do app mac Things to do app mac
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