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And it's not ok to do this in an athmosphere of entertainment - like a kermes fair. A senseless waste of Gods Creatures. Ce barbarie! Ce face Greenpeace? Sau alte asociatii si organizatii? NOW Nr. When they come short of dolphin supply then maybe they can start with human beings just so their ritual can be accomplished.

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I think this is just their way of pouring out whatever anger or negative feelings that they have been harboring and once a year they have this barbaric ritual as a way to let it all out. This is the lowest common denominator of human behaviour. What is it with some people? I wonder how the Faroese treat each other with this kind of training in mindless cruelty. The alternative is respect care and compassion opening us to the wonder of these marvellous creatures and helping us to refine our own lives.

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True happiness has been shown to be strongly connected to acts of kindness towards others and that includes our fellow creatures. Think about the future We only have one planet and we need to start to manage it better and quickly at that! Think for the future not about obsolete and outdated traditional practises. We live in a different world to when these activities were sustainable for whales dolphins and man kind.

Please stop these killings now. This is an awful way to prove adulthood. I hold that the more helpless a creature; the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man. Ghandi Nr. Why are the policies for protecing sea mammals and fishes not respected? Don't we live in a globalized informed world? But what you do is so very against fair play.

Our ancestors who hunted in small groups with primitive boats started this tradition. But you should know better!! You will feel much better!! There is absolutely no need for this massace other than to continue a "tradition". It's appalling and must be stopped. It is time for such sensless cruelty to stop.

It is your country's shame to allow this in this day and age. I'm sure there's plenty of girls out there who don't need to see you slaughter whales to be interested in you don't worry it's okay that you're not smart and have a small penis! I had no idea you "men" were so desperate for attention as this. Start a speed dating club!

Organise a party! Have courage to talk to the pretty girls they won't laugh at you.

Hope you can kick this sick addiction Faroe Island and find yourself a real tradition not this barbarism. It has got to end now!!. What must your god above be thinking when he looks down at this pool of blood and butchary of these very precious lifes which were put there for us to cherish and respect as a fellow living being??

This brutal and useless slaughter of these poor innocent animals is really a shame for mankind. Those people should be ashamed of their selves. I'm really shocked and this slaying should come to an end fast! It is completely immoral what your fellow country men do to these whales and for what? For fun? Get real and begin the movement of change.

A very angry Australian who will not consider visiting Denmark until this stops Lisa Nr. I was sent information about this dolphin slaughter through email by my sister who is a veterinary doctor in India. I was shocked and cried on seeing this terrible act of barbarism. I have small children and when I look into their innocent faces I wond er how their life depends on me and it makes me feel so responsible towards them.

These dolphins too are like small curious innocent kids completely unknown to the beastly act they are going to face. I sincerely and earnestly request you to please request you to do everything possible in your capacity to put an end to this unimaginable cruel act which is played as a sport. If it was physically possible I would kneel down join my hands and request these people to stop this act.

With appropriate education in the media this can be stopped. To me this type of cruelty and barbarism depicts the absolute worst of humanity. I hope Princess Mary hears about this and gets it changed immediately Nr. Tell high school and college students! GTD-Free Sourceforge. Then Wiki TAG on go2web Workplace training videos specific task skills for easier performance posted to video site or howto site.

What mentality! Denmark will certainly not be on my holiday destination list. Just think If you were a whale would you want to see your family slaughtered? Shame on who is doing such things. However it is needless today as well as potentially toxic to those eating the whale meat - mercury PCBs etc.

Perhaps there could be some sort of alteration to the tradition one which honors the past but spares the whales' lives and the inhabitants' health. These people should be punished. They are hateful.

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How can the senseless killing of these animals be tolerated? This is a barbaric act. In a civilised world our collective conscience should put an end to the suffering these fellow creatures have to endure at the hands of some of the 'human' species. Purchase Danish goods while this practice continues.

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It makes me sick to think that in these days and age we still act savagely with the animal world. Please stop this crual and undignified hunt. May all Beings Humans and animals be safe and happy. Thank you for listening. Regine Whittlesey Nr.

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By exposing this shameful practice we hope that the Danish authorities will take action to stamp the practice out once and for all. Stop all cruelties vs animals!!! In a world that is supposed to move on and to safeguard the future of our children there are still people pretending to live in the Middle Age!!

Please stop this barbarian! Let those poor creature live! There are easier and better ways to show that one is a man.

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Denmark I am dismayed that you can allow this cruel and senseless tradition to continue. I don't understand killing for 'tradition' or 'initiation' of young boys. If killing of any animal must be done it should be done in a quick and humane way not killing a huge animal with a 15cm knife slashing it's way through the blubber and flesh to the spinal column. Imagine the pain fear and confusion that these intelligent animals feel before their sad death. Disgusting and tragically sad. May God show them the right way But what make me fool of anger is that the reason to justify all this is just fun.

Where is the respect for what beatiful and unique God gave us? Where is the respect for the Earth and its inhabitants and nature which make this world unique in this universe. Why hit someone unable to defend itself.

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Unable to tell you "please don't" Nr. Please take some time to consider whether slaughter of this many of these animals in this awful way surrounded by this much controversy is really the best idea for the future of your islanders. So stop killing these dolphins you retards! I will never visit Denmark because of this. The Wales and the Dolphins are sacred creatures and should be treated with the respect they deserve. In this day and age we are supposed to be civilised there is no need to resort to such atrocities this is just greed.

Please stop this from happening again. These wonderful animals are better then us and we kill them.

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