Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt

Connect your Mac to your TV

Check the setup options for Audio in the app you're using to play your content.

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If it's a movie, for instance, and you're using VLC as your player, check your Audio Device setup in the Audio menu option. Make sure your TV isn't setup to expect audio from it's Stereo input jacks, as if you were connecting via component video and audio. Light up the menu options on your TV, and just double check your Audio options settings. Maybe that input port on your TV is pre-set to expect only separate stereo jacks on that input. Just a thought.

I have had the same problem but I put the adapter in my iMac and both sound and display worked. Wait till I tell you what I did and got it to work. I have bootcamp set up so I booted my MacBook up on the Windows side and it worked perfectly. Now that I know that the port is good I still do not know why it will not work on the mac side of my computer.

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I had the same problem. Some monitors don't have speakers, when plugging into the two I have, there is no option to send audio through to the monitor; on other television monitors the option is there. The OS X sees the monitor and calls it by name, so there must be something in the return signal sent from the monitor that "tells" the OS if it is capable of audio.

Using the Sound Setting in System Preference solved the problem. I think it says "Use TV as sound output", then choose that. The sound control transfers to the TV but you can't control Audio in Mac in this setting, it's disabled.

How do i connect TV to thunderbolt display?

Of course, you will use the TV remote from here on. After all these years, most the above answers are wrong. If his TV was showed up on the Sound Preference then it's another case. But gmacd77 share some green light there. Not sure did he finally managed to get it working under OSX. I have exact same problem.

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I've tried 4 adapters, 2 TVs and test with 3 Macs.. System preferences, sound, selected tv. Then it didnt work and I raged a bit. Then i clicked select output sound and then clicked on my Tv. Sign up to join this community.

Check whether you can play audio from your Mac on your TV

Most Macs made between and the end of will need two cables, one for video and a second for audio. Then, find your Mac listed in either the Method 1 or Method 2 sections below. The 3. Variation 1 — If your TV has a digital audio input port, sometimes called Digital Optical audio or Toslink, you could substitute a digital audio cable for the 3.

The MacPros have separate analog and digital analog ports, so make sure you use the correct one. It is unlikely that this adapter is available any longer. Apples current Macs currently have Thunderbolt ports which are identical to Mini DisplayPorts, but with extra features.

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These ports have been around since early because of their ability to transfer large amounts of data allowing for higher resolution videos. It is fairly common in laptops and PCs, but it is far less common in TVs than its predecessor.

They can usually be identified by their rectangular shape which has similarly rectangular holes in it and usually come in the color white. They can be easily identified by their elongated shape and the circular holes in them. They usually come in the colors blue, black, or pink.

How To Connect a MacBook to A TV or Monitor

You will then need to tell your laptop how you want it to use your TV: as a second display that shows an entirely different screen from what is being shown on your computer or as a mirrored display that shows the same content that is currently being shown on your laptop. Built-in HDMI ports have long been removed in the newer Apple laptop models and have since been replaced by Thunderbolt ports to save on space. Before the Thunderbolt ports, laptops used to come with Mini DisplayPorts. Much older Apple laptops like those released around the year usually have DVI ports.

Native VGA ports have long been gone on laptop models.

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If your computer still has them, then you can simply connect one end of the VGA cable to your laptop and the other end to your TV, but if not, you can connect your laptop to a TV with a VGA port by using a Thunderbolt adapter that has one. Thanks for a great article! I use this app for streaming my pics, videos, music to different compatible devices that use dlna.

I am fully satisfied.

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connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt
connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt
connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt
connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt
connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt
connect mac to tv via thunderbolt Connect mac to tv via thunderbolt

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