Make my mac look like windows 8

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But the twin punches of a Brexit-led depreciation of the pound , and Apple releasing a new range of MacBook Pros with the least bang-for-your-buck in recent memory, made me think twice. So I switched back. My expectations going in were uncertain. I know Windows has evolved radically since I last used it, back in the XP era, and has even changed since the last time I used it in anger, shortly after the launch of Windows 8. The current latest version of the operating system, Windows 10 confusingly, only one version later than 8.

It meshes the new Windows experience of version 8 with an old-style desktop more elegantly than previous versions, while consigning ever more of the cruft deep into nested menus and offering a slick experience for first-time users. I was also given hope by the machine. After an awkward start with the first version of the Surface back in , then pitched as an iPad competitor, Microsoft has become one of the best manufacturers of Windows PCs there is. The Surface Book is a delicious machine, masquerading as a MacBook Pro-class laptop but with a fully detachable touchscreen that opens it up to a whole new range of uses.

But for now, the company has been content to sit on the edge of the market, making niche devices for the power user. Despite all of that, I had a fair amount of trepidation. Memories of blue screens of death, of driver conflicts, of cleaning out my registry and restoring the system after a malware infection, are hard to shake, as is the general hangover from my youth of Microsoft as the Great Satan of the tech world. As Zuckerberg is to the s, Gates was to the s: ever-present, professionally amoral, and incredibly, unflappably, successful. But Gates is gone, as is Ballmer.

How to Make Windows 10, Look Like Mac: SUPER EASY

Some of the problems are as simple, but nonetheless infuriating, as different keyboard shortcuts. A lifetime of muscle memory has told me that Command-Space brings up Spotlight, which is the main way I opened programmes on my Mac. Similar mismatches appear in areas like window management, alt-tab behaviour, and programme installation. That was an annoying problem. And yet, hovering in the bottom right, permanently, was a little box showing whether I was running in UK English or US English, with no option in sight to remove it.

In the end, I had to turn to Twitter for troubleshooting advice.

Mac Os Icons For Windows 10

I mean, I would do that, but VMware is more professional about these sorts of things. VMware provides helpful options for running Windows on your Mac, including tutorials. Open the disk image and do the old drag to install. Click Create New. Windows 8 is not yet an option in VMware, but selecting Windows 7 will work. Select Customize Settings, and WMware will prompt you first to save the file.

You may want to tinker with the default settings in VMware, particularly when it comes to the RAM you allocate to your virtual machine.

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Close the Settings window and your virtual machine shows a movie-like start arrow. Download and install VirtualBox from its website. Creating a VirtualBox virtual machine for Windows 8 Preview is a matter of providing a name for the environment and selecting Windows as the operating system.

Next, you need to create a virtual hard disk. I chose a VirtualBox disk, but there are several other formats including Parallels. Click Continue and select whether you want the space to be dynamically allocated or static. Click Continue again and give the disk a name and a maximum size.

Click Continue to review your disk settings and click Create. Finally, click Create one more time to tie it all together. Now you have the environment, you just need to install Windows 8. Click the folder icon next to the popup menu and select the ISO disk image of Windows 8 you want to use. Click Continue to review again and then Start.

This will create a restore point in Windows that will allow you to quickly revert back if you don't like the new look.

Wait for the installation to complete. You will see the changes applied to your desktop as they are installed.

2. Enter to Rename

Finish to complete the installation. Your Windows interface will now be very similar to the OS X version that you chose to mimic. Revert to Windows. If you decide you don't like the way the skin pack works, you can return to the original layout by performing a system restore.

Your files will be unaffected. Click here for instructions on using the system restore tool. Make sure to choose the restore point that was created during installation. I can't download a program because I get a notice that my computer must be 64 bits. What should I do? It means that your computer runs in an older 32 bit format, which you'd have to reinstall Windows to change unless there are options to download it in 32 bit.

How to make your PC look like a mac?

Your installation disk should have both a 32 bit and 64 bit version of Windows on it. Your CPU has to be able to cope with a 64 bit version of Windows for it to install, though. Then, click view and print detailed performance and system information, and look at 64 bit capable in the System section. Remember to back up your files if you do decide to upgrade! Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

make my mac look like windows 8 Make my mac look like windows 8
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