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You can contact us directly and we'll help figure things out. Jackson jr, VPN Tracker user. Compare VPN Tracker products.

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What is it for? Are shareware products really worth the risk to your business? VPN Tracker is the only solution with professional-grade security and support. More information. Cisco Small Busi VPN Tracker protects your data connections securely between your Mac and remote networks. Just visit the VPN Download section. Having recently applied the latest upgrade But I have no idea of how or why I lost audio in the first place. Any ideas? Neil Maller wrote: "However that doesn't explain why it is possible to successfully enable TRIM support using only Apple's built-in since Snow Leopard capability and without such custom device drivers.

It's possible because of adventurous users and not because Apple provided a standard UI to accomplish it. Clearly Apple intends to restrict or eliminate such changes which is understandable, because updates to kernal extensions are typically malware. Because Apple hasn't officially tested the hardware.

Who is to say that some new SSD comes out with a new chipset next month. Apple's Trim, as they have coded it, doesn't work with the new SSD. Then customers would screen bloody murder saying Apple broke my SSD. If enough do, Apple has a class action lawsuit on their hands. Apple could easily enable TRIM. SSDs have become inexpensive commodities.

It's a plan. A business plan. Rather than being somehow spiteful, Apple made the conservative decision not to support TRIM on third-party drives based upon those findings, rather than take on support for an unknown number of manufacturers. Time will tell. There have been situations in the past where data was lost due to TRIM. There are so many different devices and drivers that there still could be a serious risk of data loss if a non-Apple device or driver didn't implement TRIM properly. Apple does this to err on the side of caution. Siracusa also said that he would't use a third party Kext to enable TRIM on his Samsung SSD because of the security risk of eliminating the Kext signing requirement, even though reports are that this works in terms of data integrity.


Since upgrading to Yosemite a dialog frequently appears telling me I need to install Java runtime to view this material. It is curious that it frequently appears when I'm not doing anything that could require Java. It seems to at times random. Similar problem. A message keeps coming up saying "to view this content you need to install Java Runtime".

It is installed but it is a pain to permanently erase this message. With the publicity on WiFi issues, such as connections dropping, which I have not experienced, I idly checked my WiFi connection by option-clicking on the menubar icon. Whereas I used to have a 5GHz connection to my I don't know when this started; possibly with Yosemite. I'm now running My computer is 10 feet in front of my router. Re my previous post about a Many of these printers require running the "uninstaller" to remove the old drivers.

Restart, then run the new installer. My Fiery installer for our Canon does the same thing.

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The Canon printers used to require this all the time. I've printed successfully under She's using the latest Canon drivers with Yosemite and has no difficulty printing and I'm using the previous Canon drivers for Mavericks with Yosemite and also have no trouble printing. That includes Canon files within the PPDs folder. You didn't say if you upgraded to Yosemite from something older than Mavericks. If so, then deleting everything and starting over is definitely the way to go. Good luck. Christophe T. Have you tried the generic print driver? Switched to generic and it prints fine, hopefully I won't need to access any of the extras the real printer driver offered until after Canon fixes their Yosemite drivers.

A follow-up to printing issues with Konica Minolta BizHub printers: We found that the update did not affect a Yosemite machine that had no Xerox drivers. We removed the Xerox drivers from the problem machine, deleted and recreated the KonicaMinolta printer, and the issues disappeared. Maybe the act of recreating the printer was the cure, but I still suspect some issue with the updated Xerox drivers.

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They have posted an OS X I see a Just tried it. Still works. This unit supported sharing for several accounts and, up until the update, was working fine.

When I connected I could see the files I had remotely, work on them, download, upload, etc. After the update to Tried with several directories connecting from several machines running Yosemite and Mavericks but no luck - the wheel spins in the lower right corner indicating the system is working but no listing of remote files ever appears.

Anil Purandar wrote: " The issue of a computer renaming itself, supposedly because of another computer with the same name on the same network, predates Yosemite by at least one full OS version and probably more.

I had this problem in Mavericks and Yosemite beta regularly only but it hasn't happened since I set up a new retina iMac and chose a different user name and computer name, and hand-migrated from my old iMac. Re: To save the installer, just quit without installing. The installer does not have to be in the original location to work.

Bruce Klutchko and Stephen Hart were discussing Safari's "Stop plug-ins to save power" setting, and I got curious about it. This setting must be on by default, as I don't remember ever checking it, though I could be wrong. Apple Help about this option is rather opaque:. To see a list of websites that currently start plug-ins automatically, click Details. Then remove websites from the list to save power. So you can unfreeze one, say, Flash item on a page by clicking on it. How is one to know they have to reload the page to enable other frozen items on the same page? What on earth does it mean by Safari disabling plug-ins for a website you don't visit for a few weeks?

Is this only if you leave the tab open for that long? I wonder how all those interact with this setting. The extension would only work with Apple drives, and would be updated whenever Apple released a new drive. Except for the fact that it would read the product's ID sting and compare it against a list of supported drives. If the drive isn't on the list, the extension would not access the drive.

The "official" way for third-party drives to work was for them to come bundled with their own extensions. But many users quickly realized that they could also use the Apple extension by simply editing the list of names. One could load the extension into ResEdit , and change one of the names on the list to match the drive's own ID string.

Similar situations existed for hard drives - Apple's "HD SC Setup" tool only works on Apple drives, even though the driver it installs is generic and works on everything. Third-party drives would typically come bundled with a similar utility or users would hack the Apple utility.


As for why Apple seems to like this, it's anybody's guess. By rigging the software such that you need to hack it to work with third-party hardware, they can state if sued that they took steps to actively prevent the action that lead to the damage. Or, if you're more conspiracy-minded, they just want to stop you from buying third-party hardware of any kind. Which is not without evidence e. A conjecture on why Apple doesn't enable TRIM support: Apple's kext may subtly rely on the specific implementation of said support, such that they are aware of some drives that support TRIM but still don't play well with Apple's implementation.

If true, then given the esoteric nature of the problem, it is easier and provides better support for the unwary user by far the majority to simply implement that only Apple drives support TRIM, as a generic support could lead to the occasional drive that borks the users system 'cause it implements TRIM just a little bit differently than Apple needs.

Anywho, I think the best question to ask to fix this problem is: if the user is in control of the modification, how does the user sign the changed kext so that it passes the boot check? It must be possible, the question is how onerous are the steps involved? According to Wikipedia there are 12 manufacturers of SSD controllers. There are some unknown to me, but the main ones are six well known. Probably four market leaders.

aventail connect mac os x yosemite Aventail connect mac os x yosemite
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