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Click on "Reinstall Mac OS X" to begin the process of installing a fresh copy of the operating system. Bennett Gavrish is an I. Gavrish received a bachelor's degree in journalism from Boston University. Skip to main content. Restart your MacBook and hold down the Command and R keys when the gray startup screen appears. Click on the "Disk Utility" option and then click "Continue.

I don't remember the exact path. In its current state, it frequently reaches a point where it doesn't want to boot normally. What consistently restores the system to booting normally is booting to recovery mode and using Disk Utility to run a permissions repair on the Macintosh HD boot volume.

After running the repair and restarting, the Mac boots normally. Do you think it's worth trying these for a more permanent solution? Or is this to be expected with Yosemite even for clean installs and I should keep doing what I'm doing and wait on a patch The system is running well otherwise, and with all the installed applications, I dread the thought of doing a clean install, particularly if it doesn't resolve the problem.

Key Features and Benefits

I'd give the above tools a try first, then do a reinstall if the problem persists. I'm pretty sure the reinstall will solve the problem, but that's just my guess. What about just cleaning your mac to speed things up? I would be very hesitant to use Yasu or Onyx or any mac cleaning software. I once used Mac Cleaner, and it got rid of Windows system files I needed.

I use Paralells and Windows 8 on my mac to run Windows software, and after I used Mac Cleaner once, Windows 8 was essentially made useless.

What other way is there to clean your mac? It there anything like cleaning your registry, like with windows? When they stopped supporting XP, got rid of Outlook Express, and generally stopped being backwards compatible, I said enuff is enuff and switched to Apple. There is no "registry" on your Mac, and believe me: that's a good thing. I love Windows, but the registry is a mess that I hope is replaced by MS soon. I've never heard of Mac Cleaner, but I can tell you that Yasu won't touch anything to do with Windows setup — it serves a very specific function and doesn't do anything else.

Other programs worth looking into include CCleaner for Mac. Hi, I just bought mine and have put on some apps, like google, photos and a few others and its suddenly 20gb emptier.

How to erase your old MacBook before selling it

So i thought it back to the day i bought it so i can do a complete time machine back up from scratch. Put simply: if you reinstall, everything is gone. But you might be better off trying to figure out what's taking up all of your space. Click the Apple at top-left, then"About This Mac".

Click "Storage" and you should see a breakdown of what's taking up your space. I'm partly responsible for an office of about 80 people all running Mac hardware. I've rarely had to re-install OS X. By the time a laptop gets old enough that it might need a re-install, there is usually some hardware failure so we toss it and buy a new one. Having FileVault enabled is usually the reason for the re-install.

Yeah, if you're not regularly installing and uninstalling software you'll rarely have issues, such as in a managed IT environment. I'm thinking an increasing number of Windows admins are having the same experience. Been using both OS's for longer than i care to admit. Re-install Windows every 6 months? You're joking right? If that were necessary, I'd never use it - no matter how much software runs on it.

How to Wipe Your Mac and Reinstall macOS from Scratch

Windows98 was perhaps like that, because it was a memory leaker and software vendor installs could completely hose it. These days - certainly since Vista - takes a fair amount of carelessness to screw it up to the point of having to reinstall it. I don't personally think you need to reinstall this often, but it's an often-repeated statement among some Windows users — to the extent that I thought Mac users might be curious.

I was careful to point out this was probably more true of XP than it is of modern Windows incarnations.

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I've had a Windows computer running just fine for the last four years without issue. Used third party 4 GIG ram sticks in addition to the 4 onboard for 12 out of a possible 16 gigs There is nothing true about your ridiculous statement that you must reinstall Windows every 6 months to a year. If you do, then it's because YOU are a moron. As a former Mac user who dumped Apple because their bloatware OS updates ruin every device they sell systematically, I'll say there's no reason to reinstall OSX because it just doesn't matter: Apple is gonna fuck you one way or the other.

Disk Wiper 15 for Mac OS X Free

Post-Vista, every version of Windows has been smaller, leaner, lighter and faster than the version before, and more prone to staying that way. I was pretty careful to say that lots of Windows users believe they need to reinstall every six months, not that I think this is actually true. I probably could have been more clear, so sorry.

I do hate how OS X seems to become slower with every release, and you're right that Windows is actually getting better in this regard. Windows 8 is fast compared to 7, and OS X cannot claim the same thing.

How to Factory Reset Mac OS X to Original Default Factory Settings

I'm hoping things get better. The vast majority of Windows users don't really use their computer beyond a little Chrome browsing. For people like myself who regularly test software and hardware, things get corrupted beyond a point of being fixable, files collect and the system soon either breaks or slows to the point of being unusable.

Happened this weekend; latest Oculus drivers mixed with latest AMD drivers managed to corrupt. Safe mode doesn't help, reinstalling both doesn't help — had to reinstall after 4 months of that particular Windows 7 installation. Anecdotally, I don't buy the theory that every version of Windows got leaner and more reliable - I'd go back to Windows in flash if I could. Now that was one very reliable OS, no matter how much you tried to break it.

I had an IT business for more than 10 years. Incidentally, I use a Mac for my personal computer just because I like it better. If you have to reinstall any common OS once a year you are certainly doing something wrong, especially with Win 7 or 8. With Windows it is easy to make an image of the system you have customized and simply restore it if something does get screwed up.

With mac as was said it is silly to reinstall.

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  2. Before we begin: Backup your Mac.
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  4. Erase all data from Macbook Pro.

Clone a drive and boot to that if something goes wrong. Reinstalling an OS is Uber time consuming. The point I was trying to make is that many Windows users like to say it's a good idea to install regularly, and then answer whether Mac users who hear this should be concerned. Looking at the comments here it's clear I didn't get that across, I think I might have to make an edit that makes it clear most Windows users also probably don't need to worry about this. I've been assured that Macs "just work" forever Actually, it's a miracle that Apple even let you install software yourself, let alone the OS.

Go to Authorizations. Click Deauthorize This Computer.

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